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When this hits do you really want to be without backup heat.

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Remember last year when the big storm knocked out the power and the roads was closed.
How vulnerable you felt Knowing that you and your family could be trapped without heat and the possibility that you could actually freeze to death.
If it happens again. why not be ready this time.
With our emergency backup heaters.
have peace of mind and Sense of security
Never fear the big power outage again.

DeVille Oil Stoves
When the power goes out this stove keeps the heat on

The nature of electricity and natural gas tell us that when the weather turns nasty (like an ice storm), those traditional methods of power and heat just don't function well. That's why an oil stove from DeVille, branded "the real blue flame", is a great alternative. It combines the best in high-tech efficiency with low-tech reliability! Wood-burning models also guard against having no heat in a storm, but the elbow grease required to stack and haul wood and clean up the mess after just isn't worth it sometimes.

The DeVille oil stove, first built in France in 1846, is an efficient, odor-free and quiet stove that requires no electricity. These stoves are known for being quick starters and heat distributors, and versatile enough to burn three fuel sources: heating oil, stove oil and kerosene. And oil is proven to be a lot safer than gas or liquid propane, due to decreased chance of explosion or release of carbon monoxide gases.

The efficiency and output of these stoves is owed to the fact that heating oil generates the hottest flame of any residential heating fuel—up to 400º F hotter than natural gas or propane! Since it's so hot, it heats up living spaces faster, calls for less fuel, and sustains desired temperatures better.

Besides being efficient and safe, DeVille oil stoves are known for the following qualities:

* One annual cleaning only
* Efficient heat output controls
* More economical than wood, pellets or gas / LP
* Constructed of cast-iron and thick steel, enameled and vitrified at high temperature
* Convection distributed heat supplies proportionate warmth

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